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The Goodbye Montage, A collection of recordings of the DJ's last sign offs in the week leading up to the end of WCBS-FM.      
Click here for the Goodbye Montage

NEW WCBS FM Becomes JACK. A recently submitted recording of the last minutes of WCBS-FM and the first few minutes of JACK FM.
Click here for the transition from CBS FM to JACK (5:45)

WCBS-FM Jingle Montage. Tons of your favorite jingles put together in this fascinating montage.
Click here for the Jingle Montage (6:02)


New: Jim Harrington from the late 70's. (6:46)

Norm N. Nite and the Top 20 Countdown. 12/8/96 (8:45)

Christmas 1980 with Brian Kelly. (5:30)

Jack Spector and the Sock Hop. 7/27/85 (8:22)

Jack Spector's last sign off from CBS-FM. 7/27/85 (2:33)

Ron Lundy. 9/15/97 (5:06)

Steve O'Brien. 6/26/99 (4:01)

Dan Ingram and the Top 20 Countdown. 11/10/01 (6:51)

Randy Davis in for Bill Brown. This was just after Ron Lundy's last show. (3:23)

Bobby Jay's first Soul Of The City 9/18/96 With Cousin Brucie leading into Bobby Jay (5:41)

Ron Lundy Aircheck 8/29/97 (3:47)

Harry Harrison's first WCBS-FM show 3/24/80 The first 30 minutes (Scoped)  *Includes a news report (8:36)

Bill Brown aircheck from 6/26/76 (5:40)

Dan Daniel announcing a CBS-FM concert at the World Trade Center, a concert at Seaside Park and a concert at Rye Playland. This was recorded on 8/15/2000 during the Harry Harrison Show. (1:06)

"The Last New Year" A short Aircheck with Marty Michaels bringing WCBS-FM into it's last year as an oldies station 2005. 12/31/04 - 1/1/05 (1:32)

Click here for a montage of CBS-FM from the 70's-80's.     Made by WCBS-FM and played during their 25th and 30th Anniversaries. The DJ's featured in this Aircheck are: Bill Brown, Sean Casey, Don K. Reed, Chuck Collier, Dan Taylor, Joe McCoy, Norm N. Nite, Ed Osborne, Jack Miller, Bill Winters, Paul Cassidy, Jack Spector, Brian Kelly, Harry Harrison, Bob Shannon, Cousin Brucie, Ron Lundy and Bobby Jay (9:06)

Pat St. John saying goodbye on WCBS-FM for the last time  11/30/03 (0:57)

Harry Harrison signing off his last regular weekday show  3/19/03 (3:36)

Bill Brown 6/16/98 (4:43)

Gary Clark 4/2/89 (3:47)

Dan Daniel 8/2/03 (3:39)

Randy Davis 8/2/03 (4:57)

Ron Lundy 1/1990 (4:43)

Marc Sommers Mid 1990's (6:34)

Harry Harrison 4/2/05 (6:21)

Harry Harrison's Beatles for Breakfast 1/22/05 (3:31)

Listen to Dan Ingram talk about the great talent at WCBS-FM. (0:25)

Friday, January 7, 2005 was the last day before the DJ's had the hours of their show's changed. The airchecks below are from that day:

Randy Davis' last 12 Noon sign off 1/7/05

Bill Brown's last 3PM sign off 1/7/05

Bob Shannon's last 3PM "First Gear" 1/7/05

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I have quite a few Airchecks to post from the late 70's / early 80's. As time permits, they will be posted here.

CBS FM Flashback and CBS FM Time Capsule:

CBS FM Flashback 1955

CBS FM Flashback 1957

CBS FM Flashback 1960

CBS FM Flashback 1962

CBS FM Flashback 1963

CBS FM Flashback 1964

CBS FM Flashback 1965

CBS FM Flashback 1966

CBS FM Flashback 1967

CBS FM Flashback 1969

CBS FM Flashback 1970

CBS FM Flashback 1971

CBS FM Flashback 1972

CBS FM Flashback 1972 (Alternate version)

CBS FM Flashback 1973

CBS FM Flashback 1974

CBS FM Flashback 1975

CBS FM Flashback 1976

CBS FM Flashback 1977

CBS FM Flashback 1978

CBS FM Flashback 1979

CBS FM Time Capsule 1970

CBS FM Time Capsule 1971

CBS FM Time Capsule 1972

CBS FM Time Capsule 1972 (Alternate Version 1972)

CBS FM Time Capsule 1973
CBS FM Time Capsule 1973 (Alternate Version 1973)

CBS FM Time Capsule 1975

Jingles and Promos:

The Frank Gari Jingle Package (1:41)

"The Best Of Our Years Together" (0:15)

WCBS-FM TV commercial 2003 (0:30)

"Sensational 60's Weekend" jingle  (0:32)

Star Wars Battle of the Hits Weekend Promo Made when there was "Competition" (Jammin Oldies) (0:56)

Dan Ingram's Closing Theme Tri Fi Drums (0:54)

Radio Greats Weekend Top of The Hour ID. (0:12)

"Weekend Memories" (0:11)

"Radio Reunion" jingle. (0:15)

Cousin Brucie "Radio Reunion" jingle. (0:15)

Cousin Brucie "Radio Reunion" jingle. (0:34) (Different one)

The Greatest Hits of all time. Recent (0:08)

Top Of The Hour ID. Recent (0:11)

Top of the hour ID. 1990's (0:10)

"The Station You Sing Along To" Jingle. (0:09)

"The Best Oldies All Summer Long" Jingle. (0:09)

WCBS-FM Holiday Jingle. (0:07)

 "101 CBS FM 101 CBS FM We Play Your Favorite Oldies CBS FM" (0:12)

"Your Favorite Oldies All Weekend Long" (0:07)

"The Best Music On The Best Station" (0:11)

Click here to hear many of your favorite DJ's! (0:34)

WCBS-FM Doo Wop Shop Opening. (0:23)

"Taylor Made Morning" (0:27)

"There's only one place that makes you feel good" (0:11)

"Hits Just Keep On Coming" promo. (0:07)

"Beatles for Breakfast" top of the hour ID. (0:23)

"Beatles for Breakfast" with Harry Harrison. (0:07)

"WCBS-FM From Monday to Friday" (0:12)

Top 101 of the 60's (0:22)

Top 101 of the 70's (0:15)

Special Recordings:

Cousin Brucie go go Theme Song. (1:28)

Don K. Reed "ABC's of love song." (1:03)

WCBS-FM Palisades Park song. (2:29)

"We Built This City" (Harry Harrison and Ron Lundy Version) (4:44)

"We Built This City" (Harry Harrison and Dan Daniel Version) (4:44)

"We Built This City" (Cousin Brucie and Dan Daniel Version) (4:44)

"We Built This City" (Cousin Brucie and Dan Ingram Version) (4:44)

Harry Harrison's Christmas Classic: May You Always. (1:28)

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